There are many ways to engage with E-QIP and build QI and data capacity at your organization!

Request QI and Data Coaching Support

E-QIP is pleased to offer tailored quality improvement support to community mental health and addiction agencies though two of our program offerings (1) Intensive 1:1 QI and Data project coaching support and (2) 1:1 QI consultations. Both of these offerings provide organizations with the opportunity to receive support on an identified quality issue with one of our QI and Data Coaches. We are currently accepting applications for our next cohort of QI and Data coaching support! CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE AND APPLY TODAY! Applications will be accepted until June 17, 2022.

Enroll in our Foundations to QI (IDEAS) e-Learning course

E-QIP’s Foundations to QI (IDEAS) course is a comprehensive introductory quality improvement (QI) course customized for the community mental health and addiction sector. This foundational QI course introduces participants to: (1) Key QI concepts using the Model for Improvement, (2) Knowledge of foundational methods of QI, and (3) Opportunities to apply practical tools in order to improve client care, processes and outcomes.

Through completion of this course, participants become well versed in a common language and approach to QI with the explicit aim to improve client/tenant care, experience and outcomes. Participants complete the Foundations Program ready to participate in and contribute to QI projects and initiatives at their home organization. CLICK HERE to learn more and enroll today!

Request Governance and Leadership Training

Learn the important role board members and senior leaders play in shaping and sustaining a culture of quality improvement at your agency. Did you know Governing boards of healthcare organizations are legally responsible for the overall performance of their organizations?

This customizable workshop on effective governance and leadership of quality in healthcare will introduce your organization to evidence‐informed approaches to governance and leadership through a sharing of innovative governance and leadership practices, resources and tools and will help to position your organization as a leader in performance excellence within Ontario’s mental health and addictions sector. CLICK HERE to learn more and request training    

Join our Community of Practice

E-QIP’s Community of Practice offers organizations with advanced QI knowledge the opportunity to collaborate and share their Quality Improvement Plans (QIPs) and QI innovations with each other. This year, CoP members will receive guidance on the QI cycle and developing agency level QIPs as well as content support from experts on quality domains including Access to Care and Equity, two of the three quality indicators mandated for all OHTs (ALC rate and First contact in the ED for a MHA condition), and connection with client experience. CLICK HERE to learn more and submit your registration form.

Complete an assessment of your organization’s QI and data culture

E-QIP is pleased to offer free Quality Improvement and Data Culture assessments. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD AN ASSESSMENT!