The main objectives of this new phase of E-QIP will be to improve client outcomes and client experiences of care in the community-based mental health and addictions sector by:

  • Improving use and data quality for the standardized tool, the Ontario Perception of Care (OPOC) Tool
  • Informing and populating perception of care system indicators with high quality data
  • Using data from OPOC to inform quality improvement (QI) opportunities
  • Completing QI projects and a quality improvement plan (QIP)

The additional value of the program will be gained by:

  • Supporting community mental health and addiction agencies to use data from standardized tools to inform ongoing quality improvement work including the development of QIPs and inform the Ministry’s development of mental health and addictions perception of care indicators
  • Increasing the understanding and use of quality improvement methodologies in mental health and addiction care
  • Increasing data literacy (collecting, analyzing, using data)
  • Working towards improvement in key domains of quality and spreading promising practices
  • Supporting a culture of quality improvement