About Us

Since its inception in 2016, E-QIP has advanced QI capacity in the province of Ontario through a suite of QI and data capacity building offerings including intensive QI and data coaching, a foundational QI skill building course, governance and leadership training and online communities of practice. E-QIP has also supported organizations to develop and submit annual quality improvement plans (QIP’s), a historical achievement for the community mental health and addiction sector!

The primary objectives of our current phase of work are to:

    1. Building QI and data capacity to support MHA organizations develop and embed a culture of quality improvement;
    2. Providing resources and supports that guide organizations in aligning their QI and measurement activities to system and regional level priorities;
    3. Supporting the MHA sector to broaden understanding and consistent use of standardized tools and datasets, and;
    4. Working closely with the CoE to advance regional and provincial level priorities in the MHA sector.