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E-QIP is pleased to offer tailored quality improvement support to community mental health and addiction agencies seeking to improve the quality of their mental health & addiction services, improve health outcomes and enhance client and family satisfaction. This intensive QI and data coaching support is available by (1) Applying for 1:1 QI and Data project coaching support or (2) Requesting a 1:1 QI consultation. Both of these offerings provide organizations with the opportunity to receive support on an identified quality issue with one of our expert QI and Data Coaches. E-QIP is currently accepting applications for our next cohort of QI and data coaching until June 26, 2023. CLICK HERE TO APPLY TODAY!

What are the benefits of participating in QI and Data project coaching?

  • Dedicated 1:1 QI and data coaching for your project team to improve processes of care, with the goal to enhance service-user experiences and health outcomes
  • Training on QI methodology and tools based on the Model for Improvement and sustainability planning to “hold your gains”
  • Support from subject matter experts on system and organizational priorities (ie/access to care, wait times and recovery planning) to guide your improvement projects and embed equity into your service delivery.
  • Guidance on using an annual QI planning cycle to manage your improvement efforts
  • Engagement with a community of agencies who are working on the same QI planning cycle and with the same tools
  • Opportunities to share your learnings, learn from others and benefit from the knowledge and experiences of peer organizations

If selected, Organizations participating in QI project coaching will commit to:

  • Identifying an Executive Sponsor who can guide and champion the project, ensure adequate resources are available and remove barriers to success
  • Identifying a project Team Lead who can commit approximately three to four hours per week to project work (ie/ attend/schedule project team meetings, champion the completion of QI tools in between “touchpoint meetings” and attend monthly touchpoint meetings with E-QIP coaches and other QI project teams)
  • Supporting a project team that is able to meet regularly (e.g., weekly) to work on the QI project and to build QI capacity and provide regular project updates to other participating organizations and the E-QIP team during monthly collaborative coaching sessions (Touchpoint meetings)
  • Identifying a QI project focused on system priorities such as access to care, wait times and recovery planning, data quality or related to an integrated Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) for an Ontario Health Team (OHT)
  • Dedicating resources to use data (ideally from a standardized tool) to understand the quality issue or opportunity and measure improvement
  • Completing an Agency-level QI and Data Culture assessment. This assessment will help us determine what other E-QIP supports and resources may be beneficial to your organization
  • Completing project team-level ‘Pre’ and ‘Post’ QI and Data Readiness assessments to help understand your progress

If you would like to include an Agency-level QI and Data Culture assessment with your application, CLICK HERE to download an assessment form to get started!

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