If you’re thinking of doing a quality improvement project at your agency or organization you’ve come to the right place! These tools and templates will guide you through the Model for Improvement, including how to effectively test your change ideas before introducing a change into your system as well as how to spread your new QI knowledge! Check out our QI Tools and Templates to find a project charter template to help keep you in scope for your project, define team roles, outline your measures, celebrate milestones and more! Here you’ll also find worksheets to define your problem statement, a fishbone worksheet to help you get to the root of your problem, tools to help you decide where to focus your efforts (Pareto analysis), fun activities to help you break out of “mind ruts” and develop novel solutions to address your root causes, testing your change ideas and of course, spread! These tools truly will help you journey from QI Padawan to QI Yoda!

In our “measurement resources” section you will learn more about the “family of measures”, the Aim statement (the heart of your QI project work), a measurement plan template as well as how to tell your QI data story, and identify non-random variation (aka see if your brilliant change ideas are having an impact on your system!)

Be sure to check out our webinars to further explore how to use these resources with your team, as well as hear first hand accounts of QI project work from providers in the mental health and addiction sector!