E-QIP is pleased to offer tailored quality improvement support to community mental health and addiction organizations seeking to improve the quality of their mental health & addiction services, improve health outcomes and enhance client and family satisfaction. Consultations provide organizations with the opportunity to receive support on an identified quality or data issue with one of our expert QI and Data coaches Learn more about E-QIP’s QI and data consultations below or CLICK HERE to request a consultation!

QI and Data Consultations

Are you looking for specific information on where to start when building QI capacity? Looking for support in how to interpret data and set targets? Are you currently working on a QI project and need some help using a specific tool such as a Fishbone or Driver Diagram? Are you looking for guidance on how your organization can influence specific indicators, for example the collaborative QIP indicators for Ontario Health Teams? Our team of expert Quality Improvement (QI) and Data coaches are available for a 1:1 consultation. In most cases, 1-2, one-hour sessions are sufficient to address any request.

Our consultations can assist mental health & addiction providers in the following areas:

Building your Organization-Level QI and Data Capacity

  • Building your QI and data culture
  • Discuss and/or review Quality Improvement Plans (QIPs)/QI Planning Cycle
  • How to use data for Quality Improvement planning and activities
  • Telling your data story: Review data and/or dashboards
  • Supporting your organization to meet accreditation and quality standards

Building your Project-Level QI and Data Capacity

  • Preparing for QI: Developing a Problem/Opportunity Statement, How to use a Project Charter, Forming your QI team and sources of data
  • Understanding the Problem and Root Cause Analysis: Using a Fishbone Diagram, Using the 5 Whys tool, Using and interpreting Pareto Charts, Developing a Process Map and Developing an Aim Statement
  • Measurement and Understanding your System: Understanding the Family of Measures, Developing a Measurement Plan, Target Setting/Benchmarking and Creating and interpreting Run Charts/Run Chart Rules
  • Developing and Planning Solutions: Using the Change Concept List, Generating Change Ideas using the TRIZ and Random Word Activity
  • Testing and Implementing Change Ideas: Using the Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) Worksheet, How to select change ideas for testing: Hierarchy of Effectiveness, Impact/Effort Grid and the Highly Adoptable Improvement Model
  • Sustaining and Spreading Improvement : Using the NHS Sustainability Tool, Using the Ontario Health Spread Planner

Please let us know how we can assist by completing the Consultation Request Form below: