E-QIP Governance and Leadership Board Training

Our governance and leadership training is delivered to boards and senior teams within an organization. We provide a general overview of quality improvement (QI), the provincial context, quality frameworks and how it can support organizational and strategic priorities. We also highlight the role of the board and senior leaders in setting and managing the quality agenda for your organization. The training is customized to your organization’s needs based on where you are in QI culture and in performance management.  The training usually takes 90 minutes to deliver and will include:

  • An overview of system priorities and provincial context, important issues, skills and functions that support an organization-wide culture of quality and the use of data for decision making. 
  • Link between QI, performance reporting and organizational and system priorities 
  • Overview of how to build a quality culture and Whole System Quality
  • The role of the board/senior leaders in building a quality culture and setting the quality agenda 
  • A board toolkit with ready-to-use information, tools and exercises accompanies the presentation
  • Your organization’s current projects/ initiatives that improve quality and those on the horizon and use these to feed the development of an organization QIP with indicators 

E-QIP and Organization Steps:

  • Request the training and share your quality and strategy documents with the E-QIP team 
  • Meet with the E-QIP team to confirm the objectives of the training, audience and to review the approachWe will also discuss the organization’s current level of involvement in QI across all levels of the organization 
  • E-QIP team to draft materials for the training including mapping current organization activities to quality culture and quality domains  
  • E-QIP team will share the draft deck with the organizationIf required, a second planning meeting can be arranged to review the content for the training 
  • Deliver the training (virtually or in person)
  • Evaluation and debrief

Background material needed from organization:

  • Strategic Plan,
  • Quality Improvement Plan (QIP),
  • List of QI projects or organization initiatives designed to improve care, and
  • Current board QI reports or scorecards

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