Governance and Leadership training for Community Mental Health and Addiction agencies

Learn the important role board members and senior leaders play in shaping and sustaining a culture of quality improvement at your agency. Governing boards of healthcare organizations are legally responsible for the overall performance of their organizations. This workshop on effective governance and leadership of quality in healthcare will introduce your organization to evidence‐informed approaches to governance and leadership through a sharing of innovative governance and leadership practices, resources and tools. It will help to position your organization as a leader in performance excellence within Ontario’s mental health and addiction sector.

Workshop Objectives:

1) Understand the importance and value of engaging the board and senior leadership in the organization’s quality agenda;

2) Understand the roles of both senior leaders and boards in quality improvement and the knowledge and skill required to fulfill their strategic and fiduciary roles in the development and oversight of an aligned and comprehensive quality agenda;

3) Explore a variety of leading governance and leadership practices, as well as tools and techniques related to the development of quality priorities, a quality improvement plan, and meaningful measurement to oversee progress on improving the quality of service delivery;

4) Understand the roles and resources available from Ontario Health and E-QIP to support the sector in QI and Quality Improvement Plan development; and,

5) Develop a high level roadmap to advance your organization’s capacity for improving quality based on discussion and reflection during the workshop.

Who Should Attend?

Organizations benefit most when 1-2 Board members are accompanied at the workshop by the organization’s Executive Director and other senior leaders. By sending Board members and senior leaders, your organization will be well-positioned to translate the knowledge gained through the workshop into practice.

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