Random Word Activity

Complete this QI activity as part of the ‘idea generation’ phase of your QI project. This is a fun activity designed to help you break out of “thought ruts” or typical patterns of thought and generate novel ideas to address your quality issue. This activity is extra-fun when completed as a team.


TRIZ Exercise

The term ‘TRIZ’ is a Russian acronym that loosely translates to ‘theory of inventive problem solving.’ Similar to the Random Word Exercise, this activity is designed to help you and your QI team members break away from lateral thinking and generate novel Change Ideas to address your QI issue. Remember to complete this activity with all…


NHS Sustainability Model

Use this sustainability tool to assess your organization’s capacity to sustain the improvements gained from your QI project and identify organizational factors to build a strong culture of QI at your organization. Be sure to complete this tool with members of your QI team, front line staff, managers and executive leadership.


Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) Worksheet

The Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) Worksheet is used to document each of your tests of change (PDSAs.) This worksheet is divided into four sections to help you document each phase of testing your Change Idea.


Spread Planner

Don’t be an “island of improvement”! Use this tool developed by Ontario Health to effectively spread your QI gains to other programs in your service, other MHA-focused organizations and beyond!

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