Check out these webinars featuring the theory, application and use of the QI tools within the Model for Improvement. These quick webinars are great way to refresh your learning on a specific area of the Model for Improvement and are perfect for a group #LunchAndLearn with colleagues. Topics in this webinar series include QI team composition and roles, diagnosing the problem/opportunity, developing an Aim Statement, QI measures, developing Change Ideas, PDSA cycle planning and testing, Driver Diagrams, sustainability and spread and P-I-A-T (putting it all together!) Enjoy!

  1. Setting up your Team
  2. The Problem
  3. Diagnosing the Problem Part 1
  4. Diagnosing the Problem Part 2
  5. Measuring and Understanding your System
  6. Developing and Planning Solutions
  7. Plan, Do, Study, Act (PDSA) cycles
  8. Sustainability and Spread
  9. Driver Diagram
  10. Recap Webinar: Putting it all together
  11. The Role of data in PDSA cycles: Exploring the Use of Data and Measurement
  12. Quick QI Webinar Series Playlist