Check out these webinars featuring the theory and use of many QI tools and topics! These are great tools to refresh your training on a specific area of the Model for Improvement or share over lunch with your fellow QI enthusiasts. Topics in this webinar section include setting up your QI team and defining roles, diagnosing the problem, developing an aim statement, defining your measures, change idea, PDSA cycle testing, driver diagrams, sustainability and spread and PIAT (putting it all together!).

  1. Setting up your Team
  2. The Problem
  3. Diagnosing the Problem Part 1
  4. Diagnosing the Problem Part 2
  5. Measuring and Understanding your System
  6. Developing and Planning Solutions
  7. Plan, Do, Study, Act (PDSA) cycles
  8. Sustainability and Spread
  9. Driver Diagram
  10. Recap Webinar: Putting it all together
  11. The Role of data in PDSA cycles: Exploring the Use of Data and Measurement
  12. Quick QI Webinar Series Playlist