Service users at Breakaway Addiction Services based in Toronto faced challenges when the COVID- 19 pandemic emergency was declared and the drop in services had to be shut down. According to Faith, Program Coordinator, Pieces to Pathways; staff adjusted the service delivery by connecting virtually with clients using Zoom for group programs and telephone/video chat for one on one support. They also partnered with neighboring agencies providing similar services so that service users can drop in and pick harm reduction kits during this emergency. A fund raiser was organized to help users who did not have phones to continue access services. Food baskets were created for clients in need and on average 90 users per week were provided with food baskets since the pandemic started. Breakaway Addiction Services plan to continue modifying their services to provide a combination of in-person & virtual visits based on service user needs and requirements in the post COVID period.

Excellent job modifying your service delivery to support your clients during these challenging times! We look forward to hearing more!

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