Governance and Leadership training for Community Mental Health and Addiction agencies

Our governance and leadership training on quality improvement (QI) and measurement is delivered to senior leaders and/or the board of directors of an organization. We provide a general overview of QI, data-driven decision making and how these areas can support organizational and strategic priorities.  We focus on the role of senior leaders in championing, guiding and building a quality culture.  The training is customized to your organization’s needs based on your objectives and where you are in QI culture and in performance management.

Workshop Objectives:

  • Provide Provincial context for Quality Improvement and Measurement
  • Link between quality improvement, performance reporting and organizational and system priorities
  • Overview of Quality Improvement and the Model for Improvement
  • The Role of the Board and Senior leaders in Quality Improvement
  • Discussion about E-QIP and how it can be of assistance

Who Should Attend?

Organizations benefit most when 1-2 Board members are accompanied at the workshop by the organization’s Executive Director and other senior leaders. By sending Board members and senior leaders, your organization will be well-positioned to translate the knowledge gained through the workshop into practice.

Sample Agenda:

20 min- Introductions

10 min- Learning objectives of the group

1 hour- Introduction to QI, the Model for Improvement


1.5 hours- The role of boards in facilitating QI/QIPs

15-20 min- Identified next steps

To schedule a training session of if you would like more information about Governance and Leadership training options,
please contact the E-QIP team at