Recently we caught up with E-QIP QI project coaching alumni CMHA Fort Frances to discuss their experience of using virtual care to improve outcomes for their clients. here’s what they shared with us:

Through the Rainy River District Ontario Health Team; the Canadian Mental Health Association Fort Frances Branch (CMHAFF) and Fort Frances Family Health Team (FF FHT) have partnered with Seamless MD to offer Mental Health Remote Care Monitoring Program.

Through referral from a nurse practitioner with the FF FHT, patients with mild to moderate anxiety and depression, can be referred to the program. Patients will be able to meet with the Remote Care Monitoring Coordinator who will help them enroll with the app, and be available to assist throughout the duration of the program.

The Remote Care Monitoring Program is a 90-day program that provides patients access to mental health resources and their own care plan through a digital platform. The Seamless MD app allows patients to create recovery goals, and check in daily and weekly via surveys on the app. Based on the patient’s responses to the daily surveys, the app will provide automated recommendations for resources and local services for the patient to access. The responses to the bi-weekly check-in will be monitored by the coordinator, who will assist the client to access additional community supports as needed. The app also has an education library where patients can find a variety of resources on mental health topics, that they can access on an as needed basis.

The goals of the Remote Care Monitoring Program are to increase access to mental heath services to a population in need, optimize clinical outcomes and scale and spread the program throughout the Rainy River District Ontario Health Team.

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