The objective of this web series is to increase confidence, use and uptake of standardized tools and associated data for decision making in the MHA sector. 

E-QIP (EXCELLENCE THROUGH QUALITY IMPROVEMENT PROJECT) will deliver a webinar and a virtual workshop for each highlighted tool. 

These sessions are open to all including those who are already collecting and/or analyzing the data from the specified tool AND want a better understanding of what the data are telling them and what to do with that information.  

Note: If you require support to implement a standardized tool, please reach out to and we will connect you with implementation support. 

Learning Objectives: 

Part 1: Webinar 

  • Focus on what are the different standardized tools in the MHA sector & why use them 
  • Demonstrations on how to use these standardized tools and access data 

Part 2: Virtual Workshop 

  • Participants will have an opportunity to ask specific questions and discuss/share their own, de-identified data to receive subject matter expert support on how to interpret reports and use the data from the tool for QI (Quality Improvement) purposes, building off learning from webinar portion of the series. 

Registration for the first webinar featuring the Ontario Perception of Care (OPOC) family of tools is now open! CLICK HERE TO REGISTER 

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