The Provincial System Support Program (PSSP) at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) has recently released an implementation resource they helped develop. This resource, entitled ‘Standardized Tools: An Exploration of Implementation Barriers and Enablers’ was presented at our recent QI Innovations conference in April 2022. This resource outlines common barriers to the adoption of a new standardized tool, and suggests a series of preparatory and corrective enablers to guide the implementation of a new tool from a system, agency, and clinical practice level.

This resource was developed through consultation with an expert panel of standardized tool developers and implementers from across the province. Key informants representing agencies currently implementing tools such as the OCAN, InterRAI-ChYMH, OPOC, and SS&A were interviewed as part of the process. Their experiences are outlined in a series of vignettes throughout the document. This resource is intended as an aid for agency leads, intermediary organizations, clinical supervisors, and system planners, prior to or during the implementation of a standardized tool. 

CLICK HERE to download this resource