Welcome to Summer 2020! The Excellence through Quality Improvement Project (E-QIP) has some exciting news to share!  Eleven community mental health and addiction agencies completed and submitted to each other the first quality improvement plans (QIPs) for the sector as part of their Advanced QI and Measurement Community of Practice (CoP) work.  In Fall 2019, the group prioritized four indicators from the Ontario Perception of Care (OPOC) survey to use to develop a QIP.  Every other week the group met for a 1 hour touchpoint meeting and shared their progress on the Quorum Community of Practice.  Congratulations on this historic achievement!

E-QIP is inviting the next group of participants to join the Advanced QI and Measurement or Supportive Housing CoP in September 2020.  To find out more about E-QIP’s Advanced QI and Measurement and/or Supportive Housing CoPs CLICK HERE

The E-QIP Team is always happy to chat about your agencies quality improvement journey, to speak with our team please email us at quality@e-qip.ca